Welcome to the River’s Connection Page! So, why should I connect with the life of a local church like the River?  For a couple of very powerful, yet simple reasons.

First, because Christianity is about relationships, not living our lives alone!  To begin with, God connects us in relationship with Himself through His beloved Son, Jesus (John 3:16), and then “add us” to the life of a local church (Acts 2:41, 47; 5:14).  In short, God shifts us from a lifestyle of aloneness and immerses us into meaningful family relationships in a local church (1 Cor. 12:13).

We often say around here that it’s God’s will that we all connect with Christ, His Community (church), and His Cause! Thus, the really big reason to connect with the River is rooted in the plan of God for your life:  God did not design you to be alone—He designed you to be a part of His amazing church family!

A second reason for connecting to a church like the River has to do with fulfilling God’s design for your life! God has given you unique spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities; some you may be aware of and others you’re not.  It is only through committed relationship in God’s family that we are able to discover the fullness of God’s design for our lives (Eph. 4:11-13).  Your gifts are like an individual body part.  As magnificent as a hand is, if it is disconnected from your wrist, forearm, etc., then it is a beautiful lifeless hand.  Your hand will only become ‘handy’ when it is in meaningful relationship with the rest of the arm and body (see 1 Cor. 12).

This means that you will only see your gifts truly shine as you are connected with a body of Christians like the River.  At the River we are absolutely committed to making you shine in the fullness of God’s design for your life, and believe that this will happen as you are connected with us!

At the River, relational connectedness is everything:  relationship with God, with His church, and with the lost and broken world around us.  We hope that you will explore connecting with the River family—you are welcomed just-as-you-are and without any strings attached!  We are a family with open arms ready to say to you, “Welcome home!”